How To Update Your Outdoor Living Space in Time For Summer

Summer is upon us and it’s time to start planning all those fun barbeques and pool parties you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Is your outdoor space ready? If not, let’s explore some fun ideas to help boost any outdoor space and make it spectacular for some summertime joy.

Update That Tired Old Patio

Adding or replacing your patio can drastically improve the beauty and functionality of your yard. Designing the right patio layout is essential to creating a space you love and can enjoy year-round. Laying new stone pavers or pouring brand new concrete can help you utilize your space in a whole new way, opening up the area and making it more inviting and spacious.

Add in some custom built-in concrete planters to introduce some color and texture to the exterior by housing some lush and inviting plants. You can even incorporate built in seating for guests while providing an extra level of dimension to the space.

Create a Stunning Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to enjoy those warm summer nights than by entertaining your entire family and cooking up a storm with your very own outdoor kitchen! Some essential appliances include a functional grill, refrigerator, sink, ice maker, wine cooler, beer dispenser or pizza oven. To create a successful outdoor kitchen, efficiency is the key. The refrigerator, cooking surface and sink should form the three points of a triangle with no radius of the triangle measuring more than 10 feet and that the area should be unobstructed by other elements like cabinets or an island.

Outdoor kitchens are exposure to the elements, so make sure to use quality materials that will stand up well against wear and tear. Cabinets should be marine grade plywood or marine-grade polymer sheets. For appliances, choose #304 stainless because it is more rust resistant. For your sink, be sure to choose the best materials while also making it big enough to accommodate your entertaining needs.

Install a Custom Stone Fireplace or Fire Pit

California is the perfect climate to enjoy an outdoor fireplace or firepit all year round. Heat up your outdoor world with a beautiful outdoor fireplace whether you have a small or large space.

A fireplace becomes the central part of the design and can create an inviting space for you and guests to gather and keep nice and warm. If you’re looking for an affordable fireplace, one built of pavers is for you. These are attractive and functional, but they are not going to work with every space.

Unlike a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace is constructed much like indoor ones; with a flue to direct smoke up the chimney rather than out into the seating area. Adding a little flair with stunning design elements, a built-in fireplace will help you love your home even more and offers the added benefit of increasing your home’s resale value.

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